Who is Anderonia?






Who are you?

My art is currently about hypocrisies of feminism. Why does Gloria Steinem look like Barbie? My childhood’s female frame of reference jumped from Barbie-play (age 9-10) to Beatlemania to Ms. Magazine (age 17+). For baby boomers, Barbie was the perfect medium for preteens to pretend they were teenagers. Our psychodramas evoked true conflict about Barbie’s jealousies, shoplifting, and parading her outfits, cars, and dream-house. Miraculously, only Ken went to jail. In 2017, I invented a new character named Gloria-Barbie to conflate these former goddesses.

I am now an MFA (master of fine arts) candidate at The City College of New York (CCNY), located in a gentrifying Harlem neighborhood named Hamilton Heights. My work has been exhibited at Baruch College, CCNY, FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), Con Artist Collective, and Rockaway! My blues song about Facebook was published in a literary magazine called The Offbeat.

Before advancing into art, I spent 20+ years as marketing director/vp for supermarket and bank brands. I did time on brands like Easy-Off, Chase Bank, and Chock full o’Nuts Coffee. In 2012, I began evolving into a multi-disciplinary artist at CCNY and FIT in NYC. So, my work on consumer marketing informs my art, but I am not selling anything or
am I?

Where does the name anderonia come from?

In the 1990s, Time Warner Cable mailed an invoice addressed to me as anderonia. Subsequently, with no effort from me, much of the digital universe titled me “anderonia,” So, it was logical to adopt this digital nickname.